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just some random facts about me
hello  yogis 

I am a Capricorn and I love the ocean. I embrace my inner sea-goat.  I played the flute for a hot minute during grade school. I cant wear anything on my left wrist, It just bugs me.  Chocolate lover and afternoon nap advocate.



There are no words to express the depth of my gratitude.  For this practice, for this life, for the gift of sacred connection.  For the opportunity to share all that I have learned. 

 Forever in awe of this journey.

Roughly five years ago I felt a calling for deeper connection within myself.  I began attending yoga classes and within a few months decided I needed to "demystify" the practice.  Signed myself up for yoga teacher training with the intention of discovering why my practice made me feel more alive than I ever had.  I yanked the curtains wide open, shedding light into the darkest corners.  Poked my metaphorical fingers into all of my wounds. 


I was shown where I needed to look, what wasn't working, what was true and what wasn't.   Four months of deep introspection, questioning every belief I had constructed in my mind.  This unveiling made space for breakdowns and in turn many more breakthroughs.

After four months of being in the seat of student and learning from so many incredible mentors I eagerly looked forward to taking the seat of teacher.  My wildest dreams came true when I was offered a teaching position at the shala I fell so deeply in love with. The same place where I received the gift of teacher training. 

A few months after completing my 200 hr yoga certification I graduated with my Bachelors of Sciences in Psychology.  I then went on to receive certification in children's yoga as well as prenatal yoga.  My background in psychology has given a depth to my yoga teachings that allows me to connect with many different individuals.

Thank you for allowing me to share this with you.  Namaste dear ones.


Allow me to share a bit about my personal journey as both a practitioner and instructor of yoga.
Whether you are a 4 year old or 94 year old, fit as a fiddle or just starting your fitness journey, first time momma or seasoned warrior there is a yoga practice for you! 
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