Top 5 Most Exotic Beaches in Vieques Puerto Rico

these beaches are Instagram worthy!

The island of Vieques Puerto Rico is home to some of the most pristine & exotic beaches I have ever set my feet on. From secluded little coves to miles of palm covered sands there is a spot for every kind of beach lover. While there are many more beaches on Vieques these five were my favorite.

Playa Caracas “Red Beach”

The first beach in the National Wildlife Refuge. A short drive from the entrance makes this beach a popular destination for families and locals alike. This beach has a handful of pavilions with picnic benches and grills, perfect for spending the entire day. For those looking to snorkel there is a small reef with beautiful corals and sea life. Soft white sand, staggering cliffs and stunning azure water make this beach one of the most picturesque spots.

Pata Prieta “Secret Beach”

One of the more secluded beaches in the National Wildlife Refuge, this beach is ideal for those seeking a quieter and more private experience. Unpaved road and trails make getting to this beach a true adventure. The drive itself is breathtaking especially as you approach parking and the cove unfolds before your eyes. Beautiful calm waters make this a perfect spot to relax and swim. I personally didn’t snorkel here but have heard that manta rays are frequently spotted in this cove.

Playa Esperanza

Located in the heart of Esperanza this stretch of beach offers gorgeous views of the sunrise and sunsets behind Monte Pirata. The sailboats floating in the bay and curved palm trees make this an ideal photo op location. The sands were also covered in sea glass which made treasure hunting that much better. Esperanza has many restaurants with million dollar views of the Caribbean Sea, perfect for watching the sunset after a day of exploring. At the north end of the beach there is a pier that is good for snorkeling, fishing and diving off of. This beach also connects with Playa Sun Bay making this the ideal spot to take a long walk or run.

Playa Sun Bay

Located east of the town of Esperanza this crescent shaped beach offers 2 miles of sheer perfection. Decorated with hundreds of coconut palms and wild horses this beach is nothing short of incredible. This particular beach is one of few maintained by the government and offers bathrooms, camping and guarded swimming area. Location is everything when it comes to enjoying your visit. For those seeking calmer waters head to the left, and for waves to the right. Snorkeling isn’t really a thing here but many people find starfish and conch in the seagrass. El Malecon La Esperanza is about a half mile walk from the south end of Sun Bay and has many restaurants for a post beach cocktail or snack. 

Playa Negra “Black Sand Beach”

If there is one beach to make a journey to this is it. This beach was my most favorite, not only was it an adventure to get there but the views were incredible. This beach is a bit difficult to get to but because of this you’ll be rewarded with seclusion. There are two ways to get to this spot. The first is on foot from Playa Grande, this option does take quite a bit of time and can be challenging at high tide but is scenic and well worth it. The second is to head west away from Esperanza on Rt. 996. Make a left on Rt. 201 towards La Hueca, keeping an eye out Kilometer 7. Parking is very limited and you will need non slip footwear as the trail is also a stream and can be quite slick during the rainy season. You’ll follow this winding stream all the way down until the high cliffs part revealing this stunning beach. Bits of volcanic matter mix in with the golden sands creating a striking contrast. 

If you ever have the pleasure of visiting the island of Vieques in the Caribbean. I encourage you to visit these spots and see why these are my favorite. I also highly recommend that you explore the rest of the island as there are many other beautiful beaches not included on this list.

Here is a link for the National Wildlife Refuge Vieques Enjoy and happy adventuring! 

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